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Best PDF Converter Excel, FAQs

Pdf Converter Excel is in demand as technology is developing. You’ve discovered several likely options in your search for a method to convert PDF files to Excel format. The convenience of not having to download and install any extra software makes online converters enticing. In addition to being accessible from any device with a browser, most internet tools are also cost-free.

While many Pdf Converter Excel is available online, choosing the right one might be challenging. For convenience, we have compiled a list of online PDF to Excel Converters here; check it out;


One of the most reliable online Pdf Converter Excel is ILovePDF. PDF to Excel conversion, along with conversion to HTML, JPG, PNG, and more, can be accomplished with the touch of a button with this all-inclusive program.

Select a PDF file from your computer and click the “Select PDF file” button to export it to an Excel spreadsheet. You can also upload PDFs from Google Drive or Dropbox by clicking one of the two tiny icons to the right of the button.

Downloading the file happens instantly after it has been processed. However, you may easily store it in cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can use a QR code or download a link to disseminate the file. The document can be erased instantaneously if desired.

PDFChef by Movavi

PDFChef is one of the best options for opening and editing PDFs. You won’t find a better free PDF editor than this one. With this program, you may quickly and easily convert PDFs into various formats and Edit, merge, split, move about, and remove pages from PDF documents.

When it comes to handling PDF files and reordering their pages, PDFChef is incomparable. It is widely considered the finest free PDF to Word converter and can also convert PDFs to Excel files, JPG, PNG, and other image formats.

Carbonated Soft

Soda is an excellent option if you need a free PDF to Excel converter that includes editing and merging capabilities. It has a sleek, uncluttered layout that makes it easy for anyone to pick up and start using right away. Its other strengths include a low price, an easy-to-use PDF editor, and support for batch conversions.

It doesn’t matter what you throw at it; this PDF editor has you covered. It has three flavors: Standard, Professional, and Pro with OCR.

 PDF conversion and editing are available in all editions; the difference is in the number of advanced features included. In order to accomplish things like converting scanned documents into a PDF file, you’ll need the Pro + OCR version.


Cometdocs File Converter is an excellent option if you want a free PDF to Excel converter and use iOS or Android. With this app installed on your mobile device, you can easily convert PDFs into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Download the program and convert any file up to 150MB in size without paying a dime. Users who have purchased the service are not limited in this way and can even convert many PDFs simultaneously.

You can automate some PDF-related processes with the help of this program’s built-in API. As a bonus, the Cometdocs File Converter is very intuitive and can be picked up quickly. It also has a drag-and-drop feature, making inserting documents much simpler and more convenient.

Nitro’s PDF

Those seeking PDF to Excel software for their company would do well to consider a Nitro PDF converter. You can use it to make new documents, revise existing ones, organize them into folders, and add comments, but it’s just for Windows, and most of its features are designed for business.

This app integrates with Nitro Cloud, so you can use it from any web browser or mobile device to perform file conversions and share them with others. As a bonus, Nitro PDF’s drag-and-drop functionality with multi-window compatibility makes PDF editing a breeze.


You can choose which pages are exported to Excel by using this tool. When converting a PDF to an Excel spreadsheet, you can merge all of the pages into a single sheet. If your PDF file contains a lot of information and you’d like to consolidate it into a single Excel sheet, this is a beautiful alternative.

This Pdf Converter Excel makes it simple to transform PDFs into Excel spreadsheets, including those created in Microsoft Office. You can convert your PDF file to a variety of other file types.

Since no file is kept on PDF2Go for more than 24 hours, using it to convert your files is a safe bet. You may quickly and easily convert your PDF files to Excel spreadsheets with the help of this online service.

You can choose to convert the PDF to Excel XLSX or XLS once you’ve uploaded it or dragged it into the application window.

Xodo PDF

When looking to convert PDF files to Excel format, Xodo’s PDF Online is a top choice. It’s quick, simple, and free, with no strings attached.

To handle an unlimited number of documents, you may need to upgrade to the $9.99/month premium plan. However, if you only need to convert PDFs into Excel spreadsheets for personal use, that’s all you need. As a bonus, you can finish the transformation without signing up.

To export a PDF to an Excel spreadsheet, select a file from your computer and then use the “Separate sheet” or “Merge table” option from the toolbar on the right.

After initiating the conversion process by clicking the Convert button, you should convert your PDF file to an Excel spreadsheet in a matter of seconds (the time required will vary depending on the size of your document).

You may rest assured that no one else can view your files without your consent because our service does not store them.


Can you protect workbooks in Excel while converting?

Protected workbooks are possible. With Excel, you can choose from the following three methods:

  • You can protect workbooks with passwords.
  • You can lock sheets to prevent changes, additions, deletions, and visibility changes.
  • Keeping people from altering the location or size of windows.

Can I resize a PDF file?

If you made it to the last chapter, you probably know how to utilize the Edit menu. To enlarge a PDF, open it, go to Edit, and click the button.

There is no need to enlarge every page, just a few in a row. You’ll have to do this multiple times if you need to resize nonconsecutive pages. Enter the same page number in the start and last page fields to scale just that page.

The sizes vary. The default setting is for a bespoke size, so adjusting the width and height will give you the desired results. At this point, select Resize.


 To convert native PDFs and scanned PDFs into Excel with the highest efficiency level, you will need the best Pdf Converter Excel software available, whether online or offline.

Naturally, to get correct Excel spreadsheets from scanned PDFs that preserve the structure and formatting of the original PDF, you’ll need a robust OCR. Choose the appropriate converter and put it to work for you now.

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